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Games for girls More recently, just ten years ago, rightly believes that the vast majority of gamers - are boys. The reason for this is not that girls have little interest in virtual entertainment, preferring to spend their free time for other things. Just gaming industry is at a stage of its origin and formation, because games for girls deserve a little attention from developers. But today everything has changed dramatically. So much so that many studios that create gaming platforms, began to produce toys that are equally interesting to all users. Platforms such as Angry Birds or Subway Surfers still popular among girls and boys, young and quite adult gamers. And who said that games for girls - is exclusively specialized programs with the appropriate "peaceful" gameplay. Of course, the majority of young fair sex is not too interested in shooters, strategy, racing simulators and other purely "boys" genres. However, the lack of girls hardcore lovers who do not mind to spend an hour or two for aggressive play. Nevertheless, special games for girls there are, moreover, by popularity not inferior male platforms. Given their simple gameplay, games for girls are not very demanding, do not require downloading or installing a completely free and supports flash. They can be run directly through the browser program that is specifically designed for surfing the world wide web. Because these games for girls and called in a simple way - "browser-based" platforms. Games for girls - what are they? Most often, computer video games - is a leisure activity for young girls. What most interested in the princess tender age, what lesson give preference to almost all female adolescents? Know what - fashion, style, shopping and everything connected with it. That's why games for girls who offer their users to select outfits and be a combination of different attributes toilets, called "Dress Up." Particular problem here, as a rule, no. You just need to experiment with different models to measure, reaching an ideal combination. Once selected outfit, you need to decide and make up. There are also games for girls, where the goal - it's The Makeup application, creating hairstyles, selection of accessories. In general, all that is done in the average glamorous beauty salon. No limits, no time frame is not here. The game is stopped only when she geymersh decides that the image turned out good. The variety in gameplay adds the fact that the characters that have to do all fashion experiments, games for girls make famous movie or cartoon characters. Of course, it's mostly the characters "girly" stories - fairy Wicks heroes "Twilight" anime cartoons, etc. etc. Will not be bored and so young geymersh who want a more dynamic and complex gameplay. There are games for girls and for them. There will have to cook, and attend school or goodbye, and try on the role of a nurse with a small child. List of most platforms that neither is wide. Most decent games for girls of all genres collected at our site. They have no clear age category and will be equally interesting to all - and very young ladies and girls growing up.

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